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「Let’s see… Rose, let’s walk a little faster. Can you keep up?」

When I asked her that while gently shaking her shoulder,


She nodded and increased her waking pace slightly.

And we went straight towards Arcstria mansion, where the president and senpais were waiting.

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We navigated through the city of Orest, and finally arrived at the Arcstria mansion.

(It’s a magnificent mansion, after all.)

A three-story wooden building with a vast garden.

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There was even some other structure such as private jet hangars and etc. away from the residence.

Just how much money do you need to earn to build such a palatial mansion?

(Although this level would be impossible for me, someday I want my own house too.)

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Ideally, there should be two living rooms of about six tatami mats.

If there was a garden where I could do practice-swings, it would be the best.