The man known online said that I made money.

The man known online said that I made money.

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Suddenly, I heard a hoarse voice from overhead.

「Wh-Who are you!?」

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When I panicked and looked up, a short old man was standing there.

His hair, eyebrows, and beard were all pure white.

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The waist was also clearly bent and he had a cane in one hand.

But the most ominous part of it all, I didn’t sense his presence.

「Me? I am something of a… hermit of time.」

July 26th, Monday…

At Shang Yang Games…

Lin Wan had been scrunching her nose and trying Bloody Battle Song out for two weeks now.

In the beginning, she was contemptuous and confused. Now, she found that there was a purpose to a game like that.

The original Bloody Battle Song was a traditional game with paywalls. Ballers could spend money to buy experiences while ordinary players could play with ballers and act as their sidekicks or their punching bags.

In other words, those with money would show up with money while those without money would show up for their friends.

War games with paywalls, like Bloody Battle Song, were filled with negative emotions. The biggest problems were feelings of injustice and forcefully-generated hatred.

These were the same two reasons that similar war games with paywalls were criticized badly.

Such games were unfair because the battle power one could obtain in the game depended on the amount of money they spent. The richer one was, the stronger they would be. Game merchants would create three, six, or nine levels in a single game. Depending on how much one topped up in the game, they would get different experiences.