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“With him, feuuuuw~, then whish whosh, and bonce jump, then go round and round and like zig zag! It’s fun! I like him!”

And even though Mr. Machio was being considerate, the selfish girl wouldn’t listen, and finally clung to my leg... Hey, when did we get along this far?

『...... My oh my...... are you not popular, child.』

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「No. Although, when I was in the Empire, I was so unwelcome, but lately I’m doing well... is this my popular phase?」


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『...... never mind.』

She was hiding a lot this morning, but I just gave her a little piggyback and she’s attached to me.

Or rather, they say children are truly simple-minded, well... but still, I can’t bring her with...

『It cannot be helped. Take her along, child.』

「...... what? Hey, what are you... well, as I said earlier, I don’t have time for this!」

『You may consider her the same as a weight, like on your wrist.』

「No, no, still if I give a piggyback, I my hands won’t be free during roadwork, so shadows...」