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When I was thinking of that,

「Allen, was there… Was there any strange pictures?」

She asked me with a downcast look.

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「Aa, you don’t have to worry. All of the pictures were cute.」

「I-Is that’s so!? Thank goodness…」

She breathed a sigh of relief and safely concluded this little exchange.

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After that, we feasted on the “sake side dishes” lined up on the table.

From the classic ones such as green soybeans, grilled chicken, and deep-fried chicken, to the delicacies such as monkfish liver, dried mullet roe, and salted sea cucumber. We ate a wide variety of side dishes with relish.

「I kinda feel like wanting to taste sake a litte.」

「R-Ria, let’s do it when we’re adults, okay?」

「Y-Yeah! O-Of course…」

Although her mouth was saying that, Ria had the expression which seemed to really want to do it.

(Maybe Ria will become a drunkard in the future.)

I took a sip of the warm tea that Rose brewed while feeling uneasy about that.

And, Bacchus-san told various stories while everyone was eating the snacks.

A fierce battle with a giant wolf that manipulates ice which ended in a draw about 150 years ago.