Is there an online answer to make money?

Is there an online answer to make money?

Go to hell!

Pei Qian’s expression darkened. “Tell them this: ‘F*ck off’!”

He Desheng started and quickly answered, “Alright, Boss Pei!”

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As he walked out of Boss Pei’s office, He Desheng patted his chest to calm himself down. He had indeed gotten a bad scare earlier. He had never heard Boss Pei cuss.

Yet, speaking of which, Boss Pei was no ordinary person.

Anyone else would have been shaken by the offer of fifty million US dollars. They would probably also have been afraid of an international giant like Dayak Corporation.

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However, Boss Pei had turned them down without a second thought. In fact, he had used the f-word to Dayak Corporation on the spot.

He was really daring and impressive!

Yet, He Desheng was worried because he knew that Dayak Corporation would be equally stubborn. It was obvious, judging from how rare it was for companies to escape its clutches after it expressed an interest in acquiring.

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Dayak Corporation would not let the matter rest after being cussed at like that. Then, it would not be up to either party to decide how the story would develop.

“I rarely see Boss Pei this angry. This seems like a logical and ordinary business tactic, and Boss Pei is such a magnanimous person. It doesn’t seem like he has any reason to get angry.

“Perhaps... he has a back-up plan?

“Could it be that me using the f-word on Dayak Corporation is part of that plan?”