How can I do part-time video to make money online?

How can I do part-time video to make money online?

However, at that moment, he saw someone send a few messages.

“Sh*t, something big has happened!”

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“The difference in our game ratings is very high. If this continues, we will be taken down on Friday!”

“What should we do?”

He sent several messages and a screenshot.

Yan Qi took a closer look. He knew the person who sent the message. He was the person-in-charge of a local games company in Jingzhou.

This game was relatively old. It had been operating on other platforms for more than half a year, so there were very few bugs. It was one of the four games that had been officially released on the first day of testing on the Dawn of Games.

However, this person-in-charge kept @ group leaders, wanting an explanation.

Soon, someone else spoke.

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“F*ck, I didn’t notice it before. Now that you mention it, I realize that our game’s recommendation rate has reached 47%! (MISSING)Erm… we’re about to be taken off the shelves!”

“Is our game that bad? There are obviously more than 80%!g(MISSING)ood reviews on other platforms!”

This was the chief planner of another local games company in Jingzhou. It was different from the previous game. This was a standalone leisure mobile game that charged a fixed-rate system.

Logically speaking, the reputation of standalone games should be better, but the problem was even more serious!