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“They used 22 different heroes in six small competitions. If I were the opponent, I would have already vomited. How can I play this game, how do I ban the heroes?!”

“The opponent’s coach has already fainted today. FV snatched a hero that no one has ever used before. The other party was so embarrassed that it felt like the entire week of preparation was wasted!”

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“Isn’t it a little too utilitarian to thank Boss Pei in the end? Boss Pei is the boss. He might be a sugar daddy, but how could he give them tactical guidance? Could it be that Boss Pei is a hidden gaming expert?”

“Boss Pei is the designer of GOG. What’s wrong with giving FV Team some tactical guidance? Don’t be deceived by Boss Pei’s identity as an entrepreneur and investor. His original job is a game designer!”

“Boss Pei is behind this? Boss Pei is everywhere!”

“Didn’t Boss Pei come to support FV Team during the qualifiers? That’s not strange at all!”

Pan Ying’s “black hole-style interview” quickly spread across the entire internet, especially FV team’s tactical reserves. It also became a hot topic on the internet.

Others might not understand what Pan Ying meant, but Pei Qian could.

Thank you for your support. This was obviously talking about business class tickets and Ritz Carlton Hotel.

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Thank you for the tactical guidance. This was obviously referring to the tactical options of the qualifiers previously!

When they were competing for the top seeded spot in the qualifiers in the country, FV team had fought ten rounds and was in a difficult situation. Some players had doubts about Pan Ying’s playing style and felt that it was not easy to win.

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It was Pei Qian who stood his ground and decided to continue playing this way. That was how he unified the team’s thinking and allowed Pan Ying to continue leading and improving the team.

What’s more, it was Boss Pei’s decision to let Ye Zhizhou, Zhou Pengyuan, and the others lead the team and perform tactical analysis.

That was why Pan Ying thought that Boss Pei was the most helpful to FV!

However, Pei Qian felt really hopeless.