Where can I make a task on the Internet?

Where can I make a task on the Internet?

I restarted from the first level again. Then, I remembered what happened as I’m fighting for a better score.

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Yes, that was when the meeting’s almost over.

Aguri-san was looking at other people playing dazedly, except when it’s Uehara-kun’s turn. Suddenly, she seemed to have realized something and said, “Borrow me this.” Then, she robbed the controller away from Amano-kun, who was playing at that time.

Of course, Amano-kun complained a lot. At that point, Aguri-san started playing the game unfamiliarly like a total newbie. She didn’t press the attack button at all and missed enemy after enemy. The bullets even hit her, and the score multiplier dropped a lot. Also, at last-

-The flight directly collided with the middle boss battleship and crashed in an explosion. After that, “Here you go.” Aguri-san said this, satisfied. She returned the controller to Amano-kun.

As for Amano-kun, …of course, he’s about to blow up from anger.

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“No, no, no! What the hell were you trying to do!?”

“Eh, colliding with the enemy.”

“Why!? Are you trying to mess with me? What’s the point of-“

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“Eh, it’s because all of you are trying to increase that number, right.”

Aguri-san said that as she pointed. -We confirmed her score, and we saw…


Even though she was hit a couple of times and lost a life, her score is still slightly better than our “normal” method.