How to sell Jingdong coupons online?

How to sell Jingdong coupons online?

“I wish to change where we are currently as well.”

Keita faced forward and started talking suddenly. My heart skipped a bit since I thought he read through my mind, and I didn’t answer back. So, he scratched his cheeks embarrassingly before continuing.

“Exiling your feeble side…Chiaki didn’t you just mention that you are weak or something?”

“T-That’s what you mean…”

I realized what Keita just said isn’t about me, and I sighed in relief.

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He’s clearly embarrassed, but he continued.

“Just like the pass holder. It’s like what you’ve said, that wasn’t something that I need to use right away. Moreover, I just mentioned that I don’t have a plan yet. So, honestly, there’s no need for me to just barge into a girl’s house this suddenly. But, even so, I still mustered up the courage and did something that doesn’t fit my style…”

Keita turned back and looked at me as he finished, his face seems a bit different. Although it still looks unreliable, he’s giving off some kind of strange mettle.

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My heart is starting to beat quickly…So, the guy gave me a bitter smile.

“It’s because I want to…get closer with Tendou-san.”

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I can feel a tinge of pain is stinging my heart. Keita seemed to have interpreted my reaction as “being pissed off because someone’s showing off that they’re a loving couple.” He freaked out and continued.

“Ah, no, you got it wrong! Um…I-I guess you’re right. Well…I-It doesn’t matter much to me when I don’t have my pass holder. After all, I might use that as an excuse to not go out with Tendou-san or just straight-up rejecting other’s invitation…The only reason that I’m taking the pass holder this deliberately Is because I don’t want to have an excuse. Haha, to be honest, even I felt that was a shitty reason.”


I don’t feel like that at all- I immediately stopped myself from spewing that out…It’s because no matter how you think about it, that’s not something a rival would say. But…but…

“Being able to admit your weakness, and even trying to overcome it…that’s not something a true coward can do…”

I sincerely and truthfully admired the boy in front of me…But, it’s difficult for me to express my feelings with such a relationship between us.

Keita sighed helplessly and lowered his shoulders.

“Chiaki, I mustered up the same courage to come up to you earlier.”