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“I got it! In this double date, …I’ll try my best to struggle and see what happens!”

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“Glad to hear that! Amanocchi, that’s who you are! Good boy.”

Aguri-san leaned forward and rudely patted my head.

After my hair was rubbed roughly for a while, I asked. “By the way…”

“Even if we’re saying that we’re struggling to try and turn the tide. In reality, what are you going to do? On the day of the double date, the things that the two of us can do are…”

“Ho, …Amanocchi, are you seriously asking that?”

Aguri-san raised the poached egg she forked as she answered my question.

Ah, that’s mine…

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“Well, a method that can turn things over in one strike, of course, …there’s only one, right?”

“Only one? What’s that…Eh, my poached eggs!”

Suddenly, she opened her mouth and shoved the egg in. After she chewed it lazily, …she even grabbed my coffee and chugged it down. Then, she slammed the cup onto the table with a “bam” as she yelled.

“Creating an indisputable fact, that’s the only way!”

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Chiaki Hoshinomori

“Yes, this weekend, let us go to the amusement park…to explore?”


I paused my game development session before turning back. Then, I found out that Konoha, who just finished bathing, is rubbing her wet hair with the towel on her neck as she smiled at me.

“Sis, you’re not busy anyway, right?”