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“I’ll give the first place winner a bonus: 5,000 points. On the other hand, last place will get supplementary lessons so prepare yourselves.”

Those who were good at swimming were cheering, while the worse swimmers weren’t thrilled at all.

“Because there aren’t too many girls, I’ll split you guys into two groups of 5 and give the fastest time the overall victory. For the boys, I’ll take the top 5 times and then hold a final round.”

I didn’t expect the school to give points as prizes. Perhaps it’s to punish the students who skipped class. What a well-thought-out plan.

There were 16 boys and 10 girls, excluding those who didn’t know how to swim. When the girls started their race, the boys sat on the sidelines and started to cheer for… no, evaluate the girls.

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“Kushida-chan Kushida-chan Kushida-chan Kushida-chan Kushida-chan. Hahahaha.”

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It seems like Kushida completely captured Ike’s mind.

“You’re scary, Ike—quiet down.”

“B-but Kushida-chan is fucking cute. Her breasts are really big too.”

Kushida garnered popularity from the boys in a whirlwind. Is there anyone as popular as she is right now?

If you only talked about faces, Horikita was definitely on top, but her bad personality dropped her popularity down. However, she has a fair bit of popularity, so when she stood at the start line, there were a few cheers.

“Everyone, make sure to remember this sight! Today’s fap material has been secured!”


Somehow, the boys were getting closer to each other through swimming.

Hirata was the only exception, having averted his eyes from the girls.