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“Beating up their old boss? This will be a good show!”

“These two sides seem to form a sharp contrast. The members of FV Club are all tall and well-built against skinny monkeys from SUG.”

“I remember that the duo bottom laners were quite skinny when they were in the SUG. Why do I feel like they have grown in size and have become better? Did FV hire a plastic surgeon? Or did they go through some secret training?”

“So why did the SUG end up giving up the duo bottom laners? Why did the best top laners in the country end up in another club? Logically, they should not be for sale, right? No matter how much the transfer fee is!”

“I’m not sure. There were rumors that they wanted to change to GOG because IOI was dying. There were even rumors that a team from GPL bought them off. I’m not sure if that’s true.”

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“No wonder FV Club spent so much effort to publicize before the competition began. I was wondering why they spent so much money to help others. Now, I understand. They’re trying to build momentum for themselves!”

The competition had not even started, but the bullet screen comments were already gaining heat.

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The competition in the morning seemed to be quite popular but there were not many bullet screen comments. Perhaps it was because there were not many hot topics to discuss.

However, when FV Club appeared in the afternoon with the All-Star lineup, many old players and viewers of IOI could not contain their excitement and began to discuss enthusiastically.

After the publicity by FV Club and Long Yu Corporation, the IOI qualifiers were still not as popular as the GPL league. However, they had at least captured all of the old IOI players and viewers in the country.

Now, all of these hard-earned popularity was focused on FV, an All-Star team that had appeared out of nowhere.

The competition had not even started, but it was already very popular.

Pei Qian and Ding Gan were below the stage, watching the competition with fear.

“Let us congratulate the FV! They managed to win the competition without any mishaps even though there were some twists and turns during the competition!”

The big screen displayed the scene of victory amidst the passionate commentary. The five members of the FV Club had a domineering air around them.

The players packed their equipment and left the stage. The players from FV Club did not look too excited. Instead, they looked very calm.

The qualifiers were more intense this time. There were a total of four teams in the group. It was a single set of ‘best-of-one’ matches loop. They would be done in one afternoon thus every small game was very important.

The strength of the SUG in this group was obviously higher than the other two teams. Thus, it was basically confirmed that FV would qualify after they won this round.

SUG could not make any mistake in the following competitions if they wanted to qualify.