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The president widened her eyes in surprise, whereas Lilim-senpai and Ferris-senpai exchanged high-fives with Bacchus-san.

Ria and the president, who were watching the scene from the side–

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「Umm… If it’s all the same, could you teach it to me too?」

「I-I would also like to learn it.」

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They timidly asked.

「Of course! You are all Rose’s precious friends, so I can’t possibly refuse those requests. And beyond all else… As a man, I can’t refuse when babes like you ask me! Baaararararara!」

He laughed heartily with a lewd look on his face.

(A-Ahaha… A drunkard and a womaniser…)

Apparently, Bacchus-san seems to be pretty loyal to natural desires.

「Haa… Good grief, you are still the same as ever, grandfather.」

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Rose recovered from the “album shock”, regained her composure, and heaved a sigh loudly.

「Bararara! Don’t sigh so heavily! Either way, you’re the only one in the world who can “touch” the “real sakura”.」