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The entrance towards Starry Plaza.

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I’m glad to know that I can kill time for a moment. However, after I read the instructions, I realized there’s not enough time for me to get to the top and come back.

But, even so, I can never give up “seeing a sky filled with beautiful stars,” no matter what. Anyway, I believed the instruction that mentioned there’s already enough space to watch the stars on the path to the plaza. I started walking up to the middle of the mountain while thinking I have to try it out to know.

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So, at last, the starry sky that I saw is really incredible.

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Especially when there’s a spacious rest area in the middle of the hill. I can see an even more fantastic starry sky there. I sat on the bench for tourists alone as I enjoyed the view for a while.

…I even wished that Amano-kun is here to watch the stars with me.

So, when I reveled on the stars for roughly a minute, my hairpin fell onto somewhere dark behind the bench.

I stood up helplessly and went to the back. Then, I bowed down and started looking for the hairpin with poor vision.

However, the hairpin rolled to somewhere far away. In the end, I finally found it behind the celestial globe.

I grabbed the pin as I let out a sigh in relief. Then, I pressed my chest, thinking it’s almost time for me to go back to the rest station-

-Just as I’m about to stand up, suddenly, I realized someone’s here as well.

I can’t help but freak out and even hid at the corner of the celestial globe out of reflex.

So, when I’m peeking at the corner to see what’s happening, I found out a couple is walking towards here from the mountain path.

Honestly, there’s no need for me to hide, but I might as well stay to prevent them from getting scared by suddenly popping out. Anyway, I decided to stay hidden and planned to leave after the couple passed through the platform.

I stayed behind the celestial globe and thought about what the hell I’m doing depressingly as I waited for the couple to pass. However, no matter how long I waited, those two aren’t showing up.

I’m baffled by what those two are doing, so I can’t help but peek from the celestial globe.

…In the end, I saw someone unexpected.

(Eh, isn’t that…Amano-kun and Hoshinomori-san?)