What can I make a task?

What can I make a task?

About everything that had happened so far. About what would happen in the future.

But… he would never ask me for something like that.

“It’s something I want to ask you about in person.”

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He was silent. I slowly continued to speak.

“This will be the last time… After this, I will not involve myself with you ever again.”

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It was the only thing I could offer him.

“Alright, I understand.”

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That was the conversation that took place last night.

I was now heading out to meet my older brother.

To avoid being seen by others, we arranged to meet at the special building, a place usually devoid of other people.

By the time I arrived at my destination, he was already there.

(Part 1 End)

“Sorry to keep you waiting…”

Manabu stood there quietly. From Suzune’s perspective, he hadn’t changed a bit since they were younger.

He was still the same person she had been chasing after all this time.