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At the visit of Sakayanagi, who seemed entirely unrelated to the student council, Nagumo posed that question.

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“Unfortunately, I’m not a fit for that role so I was not invited to do so.”

“He just doesn’t have a good eye for that sort of stuff.”

“Then perhaps you mean to say you’re different, new student council president?”

Nagumo laughed faintly.

“Of course I’d welcome you. But then you’d have to be my personal property though.”

Answering with that, Nagumo caressed the head of the stuffed rabbit near him.

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Is it his? Or perhaps it’s from one of the girls around him?

Be his personal property. In other words, it means he has no interest in borrowing the talent of others. He makes decisions based on looks alone.

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She could have overlooked it but Sakayanagi boldly chose to pursue that topic.

“What will I have to do in order to acquire your seal of approval, I wonder?”

“By showing me an appropriate amount of talent. That’s the only way. First off, it’s not too late to join the student council you know? Come over to my side, Sakayanagi.”

“I see.”

Sakayanagi smiled, but then immediately continued.

“Let’s not. I think it would be a problem for there to be two leaders in one organization. And most importantly, the senior students may be humiliated.”

“Two leaders, huh?”

It’s like Sakayanagi is saying that she’s equal to Nagumo if not superior to him despite only being a 1st year.

But even after hearing that, Nagumo did not grow angry. On the contrary, he relaxed his cheeks even more than before and laughed.

“Both you and Ryuuen. We’ve got a lot of interesting 1st years this year, don’t we?”