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“There’s absolutely, totally, no way I’m using a censure vote on Hirata-kun!”

Shinohara and the rest of the girls collectively begun to speak up to defend Hirata.

Hirata’s heart probably felt that much worse every time they spoke up for him.

“There’s no reason for you guys to stick up for me. I’ve already come to hate all of you.”

His tone was the same as usual, but the words he spoke were cold.

“So please let me make this easier on all of us.”

“I… I’ll vote for Hirata!”

Yamauchi shouted.

“If it’s for Hirata, I think everyone else should vote for him too!”

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He then continued to yell things like that.

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“I see. This is Yamauchi-kun’s last stand…”

Yamauchi had probably contacted Hirata yesterday and pleaded about how he didn’t want to be expelled, begging Hirata to help.

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That may have been one of the reasons why Hirata had hardened his resolve to get expelled.

Then, after a long silence, Chabashira entered the classroom.

“Well then, the class vote will now begin. Once your name has been called, please make your way to the voting room.”