Is it true that the online earning exchange fee is true?

Is it true that the online earning exchange fee is true?

Huang Sibo was stunned. “Send someone to accompany me on the journey?”

Pei Qian smiled and nodded. “That’s right. For example, you could choose Zhu Xiaoce.”

That would ensure that the quality of the Sloth Apartments’ advertisement would drop significantly. Wouldn’t I be safe, then?

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Huang Sibo became conflicted.

He definitely couldn’t choose Zhu Xiaoce because the advertisement wasn’t done. They wouldn’t be able to shoulder the responsibility for delaying Boss Pei’s plan for the Sloth Apartments!

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Still, Huang Sibo felt too embarrassed to ask anyone else to go with him. They all had work to do!

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All of Huang Sibo’s friends in Tengda Corporation were now people in charge of their own departments. All of them had important matters to tend to. If they went on a holiday with him, they would have to make arrangements for their work in advance. That would be very troublesome.

It didn’t seem like a good idea to disrupt anyone’s work. Putting himself in others’ shoes, Huang Sibo decided not to cause anyone any trouble.

This problem wouldn’t arise for ordinary employees, but Huang Sibo was not that close to them. It did not seem appropriate to invite them on a trip with him.

What’s more, some might feel unhappy if he invited an ordinary employee along. On what basis could that person go on a paid holiday without achieving any results? It wouldn’t be fair!

Thus, he had to look for someone like that:

A good friend who was quite close to him...

Someone who wasn’t in charge of his own department nor anything too important...

Someone with a certain level of skill, so that nobody would find it unfair that he’s going on a paid holiday...

That would be the perfect solution.

Huang Sibo immediately scanned his surroundings. All of a sudden, his eyes lit up. He had found someone who matched the criteria perfectly!

“Brother Bao! Do you want to go on the trip with me?” Huang Sibo sincerely extended the invitation to him.

Everyone turned to look at Bao Xu.

Bao Xu’s head was lowered as he intensely played games on his mobile phone. It was only when he felt the gazes piercing into his skin that Bao Xu looked up at everyone else in confusion.