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“Unusual? Ah… now that you mention it, have you heard about what happened with Shinohara?”

“Yes. To be exact, I heard about it today. In light of that, I’m glad that I ran into you.”

Apparently it had gone something like this: somebody from Class 2-A had reached out to Horikita while she was near the starting area earlier today, and they had urged her to meet with Sakayanagi, whereupon she was informed of Komiya and Kinosh*ta’s retirement.

Afterward, Sakayanagi told her about the strategy that I had proposed back on the fifth day and the two began to negotiate.

“You didn’t refuse to cooperate, right?”

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“I had no reason to do that; I had to prevent Shinohara-san from getting kicked out of school. I heard that you were one of the first on the scene at the time, do you know the details of what happened?”

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“No, not really. I think it could’ve been both an incident or an accident.”

I explained what I knew as someone who had seen the aforementioned crime scene from up close.

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Of course, I kept certain things to myself, such as the fact that Amasawa had been watching from the shadows.

“Shinohara-san’s group ranking has been dropping lower and lower every day. Currently, she’s placed seventh from the bottom. At this rate, it seems she’ll fall far enough to qualify for expulsion by the end of the day today, so we have to hurry. If worse comes to worst and we can’t find another group for her to join, I’ll take matters into my own hands. Before I ran into you, I was lucky enough to secure first place in a Task that rewarded me with three additional spaces in my group.”

This was good news. The Tasks that increased maximum group size were fairly uncommon, and they were highly sought after as well.

Taking first place in such a contested Task couldn’t have been easy.

“But if that’s how things play out, then it’ll be just you and Shinohara scoring all the points. If possible, I hope our collaboration with Sakayanagi goes smoothly so you can merge with a group that’s doing better for themselves.”

Horikita nodded in agreement.