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On one side it was deep, on the other side it was made without any thoughts put into it. Ike then continued before any of us could reply.

[You want our important summer vacation, one year of our youth, to end this way?]

Once more, but the phrasing was different.

[No, not at all!]

As if echoing this statement, Yamauchi showed his approval. Having experienced an unrequited love, a new start was crucial for him.

[Me too, give me my youth back!]

Joining their chorus was Sudou. Even though the basketball club was going well for him, he also wanted to experience love.

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[Then you stand up! Youth won’t come to those who wait!]

Wanting it is fine with me, but how are you going to get it?

[You have any ideas?]

He was probably waiting for someone to ask. Right after, a long message arrived.

[Of course I do! The pool is open to everyone for a limited time now, eh? We are going to invite those gorgeous girls and swim! There is my Kikyou right? And Haruki’s Sakura? And also Sudou’s Horikita!"]

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Digging up the wound of Yamauchi, Ike mentioned the names of some girls from our class.

[That may be so. If Suzune is going I’m going, but do you really think she will?]

[Leave that to Ayanokouji-sensei! Right?]