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“Should we refuse to cooperate? Pay lip service? Or... cooperate?”

Wu Yue felt that Boss Pei would probably let him choose the first two.

That was because GOG and IOI were competitors. There were also some grudges between Tengda Corporation and Finger Games. Be it personal grudges or interests, Boss Pei had no reason to use FV Club to increase IOI’s popularity.

Of course, the possibility of rejecting the collaboration was low. Boss Pei would probably make himself look compliant on the surface, but in reality, he would do something behind the scenes to suppress IOI’s popularity.

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Eric had become the person-in-charge of the Huaxia region once again. The new official was burning three fires: lowering the price to fight a price war, preparing to develop a mobile version of IOI, and planning for the ICL league. Obviously, he was coming on aggressively.

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In Wu Yue’s opinion, Eric’s three strategies would put a lot of pressure on GOG.

GOG might have a huge business and a stable position in the local server, but once the attack and defense changed, it would be difficult to predict what would happen next.

He had to mobilize 100%!o(MISSING)f his strength to deal with him even if the other party had been defeated by him before. Otherwise, arrogance might lead to failure.

As the person-in-charge of the club that Boss Pei had invested in, Wu Yue was prepared to sacrifice FV Club under necessary conditions.

What Wu Yue did not know was that Boss Pei was looking ecstatic over the phone.

Not bad! Eric, the person-in-charge of the Huaxia area, did well!

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The things he had done after taking office were very reliable! Now, Zhao Xuming had come to Wu Yue, obviously hoping to repair his relationship with FV Club. He wanted to use FV as the champion team’s influence on domestic players to publicize and attract a wave of players to IOI’s local server, which had very few players.

It had to be said that IOI’s local server was indeed the heartache of Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation. There were few players, their competitiveness level was not high. What’s more, their version was often behind foreign countries. Thus, many professional players, including FV Team, used accelerators and went to the foreign server to train with high delay.