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Online make money activities, the blog is rest assured

“What should we do?”


Having said that, there was no doubt that it was a QR code that was too good to throw away. I took out my phone, switched it to the camera mode, and pointed it at the QR code.

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“Eh? I-is that really okay? To read it, I mean?”

“No, I’m not going to read it.”


I pressed the shutter button and took a picture of the zoomed in QR code.

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“What are you doing?”

“I’ll take a picture of any QR code that looks like it could be worth a lot of private points like this and then leave it. If, hypothetically, we can’t find any other good QR codes in the future, we can use your phone to read the QR code from my stored photos.”

“Eh? R-really? Will it respond even if it’s a picture?”

“As long as it’s a clear shot, it should work without any problems.”

It would be inefficient to come back here to look for a QR code that we’d already found in the past. There may be times when other rivals might beat us to the punch, but if we can find multiple codes and save them, then when the time comes, we can read them in order of how difficult they were to find. If even one of those hits, then we’d make a fortune.

Even with just one camera, it was possible to point the camera at a QR code and display the URL. However, it wasn’t functionally possible for our phones to copy the URL if we didn’t want to access it immediately. In other words, if you wanted to keep the URL, you would be required to input it manually for later. Moreover, in the unlikely event that you mistakenly touched the URL, it would load and the points would be transferred straight away.

“The school said that there were only advantages to forming a pair, but that wasn’t just about being able to share points. Using two phones allows for time saving techniques, and also prevents accidents.”

Although I said so, students who were in a hurry to get started might’ve overlooked this, but I was sure that a lot of them would be using this level of technique.