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I walked off from the bus and arrived at the station where we are supposed to meet. I looked at the clear blue sky above and let out a sigh.

“Wow, I can’t believe it didn’t rain, is this Tendou-san’s power?

To be honest, I, Keita Amano, is your typical “Ame Otoko” [Note: Rain man, the opposite of “Hareonna,” which means sunny girl, like Hodaka and Hina from Weathering With You.] While most people think that it’s just imagination or something like Murphy’s Law where you can remember bad memories more clearly. However, I still feel like it’s more likely to rain when I head out.

I became lost in thoughts as I walked from the bus sign to the station.

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“This has to do with me keep praying for rain so that the baseball practice can be canceled in junior high.”

It seems ridiculous, but I believed in it nonetheless.

Even though it’s not a realistic explanation, people will feel relieved as long as there is evidence that seems to convince them. I guess it’s like being superstitious, rather than accepting the unreasonable amount of rain in my life, I keep praying for rain in the past is somehow a convincing reason for me to give up and take the fate.

Also, this would make sense in another meaning.

I walked into the station with air-conditioning while holding my shoulder bag tightly.

“Perhaps, what I’m doing right now is looking for evidence for me to date Tendou-san…”

Just like the explanation I had for myself for being an Ame Otoko, while I am both honored and blessed to have Tendou-san as my girlfriend, but I will feel insecure when I can’t find the reason of her dating me. I even tried to buy the self-abased idea of her using me as a cover to cheat with Uehara-kun. In a way, this is a less depression conclusion.

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“But…today, I won’t be the same anymore!”

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I raised my head and then marched forward with burning determination.

This is the reason why I am asking Tendou-san for a date, even if I usually wouldn’t do this at all.

There’s just not enough “evidence” for us to become a couple.