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“...That’s all I wanted... my classmates made a big fuss about me saying what I should be .... they pushed the invisible title on their own, and it followed around all the time like a curse.... It was so painful ... no one ... saw me as ‘just Earth ‘.”

My life so far. And it was in the previous match that everything became decisive.

“I ran away because I couldn’t stand it anymore... I threw abusive words and said I would never come back again.... Run away.... And I got lost in the forest... I met Mr. Aka.”

“... Is that right ...”

“Ah. So..... Even in the short time we met... the first time someone said I was purely ‘amazing’.... it was a demon, an Ogre.... I thought I’d definitely had to do something.”

Well, I don’t think I would have come up with that idea if I hadn’t met Tre’ainar in the first place.

If not, I would have stayed in Imperial City forever, still compromising on the disappointing evaluation of others.

But there are times when you just go out into the world for a little while.

I felt very troubled in a very narrow world.

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“That’s... ah, I’ve been living on the Surface world for more than ten years.... Earth is the only one ta say that...... ta able ta meet Earth.... is a miracle.”

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“In that sense, the only human lying down and talking while looking up at the stars with an ogre, including the Surface and the Demon Realm, is probably just me. That’s a miracle!”