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What was the ancient saying?

The reckless and short-sighted do not take three meals a day and cause problems for their tummy, those who think mid-term would keep food for rainy days while those who think long-term would start gathering food from March.

To put it simply, the farther one went, the more food they had to prepare in advance.

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Boss Pei was obviously thinking long-term. He was only twenty years old but he already knew how to restrain his own appetite. He usually focused on Fish-Catching Take-Out’s healthy meals. Obviously, he wanted to ensure that his body remained in a perfect state so that he could still struggle at work for a few decades.

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Li Shi felt that he should learn from Boss Pei on this point!

“From tomorrow onwards, I will reduce my social interaction and eat more Fish-Catching Take-Out!”

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“Yes, make an appointment for tomorrow’s work meal.”

Li Shi sat in the car and burped as he opened the Fish-Catching Take-Out application to reserve tomorrow’s work meal.

“Eh? Wasn’t there nothing in this section before?”

After opening the application, Li Shi realized that the interface layout had changed slightly.

The layout of Fish-Catching Take-Out’s application was completely different from other take-out software.

The other take-out software was serving many shops at the same time, so the home page was more messy. There was a search bar, different types of labels like “Quality dinner, home-cooked meals, pizza burgers, buns and porridge shop”, and a nearby restaurant list.

The specific menu would only be displayed after entering a certain restaurant.

However, Fish-Catching Take-Out was different. It was filled with their own food.

These dishes were also divided into work meals, fitness meals, healthy meals, nutrition meals, and high-end meals, but they still looked simple and clear-cut.

Apart from this content, Fish-Catching Take-Out’s application also had some dynamic publicity pictures. They were mainly used to promote recent new activities or new dishes to guide customers in choosing new products.

Li Shi noticed that Fish-Catching Take-Out’s application seemed to have removed the few new dishes that had been promoting previously and replaced them with a fixed publicity picture at a more critical location!

It read: Delicious Food Set!

There was also a salivating rendering picture. Inside were roasted cold noodles, fried bananas, and seaweed cakes. The portions were not big and formed a small tasting package.