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「But Allen-sama’s darkness, as though mocking all our past research, dispelled the curse instantly! It was the first time that mankind has overcome the curse of monsters and demons. This is definitely a historic achievement!」she said passionately, with a hopeful expression.

「And Allen-sama, the user of darkness, has absolute『resistance』to curses as reported by Rodis!」

「Resistance, huh…」

The Curse Method which Zerey used, Fire Oppression, Lightning Oppression, Water Oppression, they all disappeared as soon as they came into contact with my body.

(Certainly, looking at it from that perspective… I may have something akin to resistance to curse…)

When I was thinking about that,

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「The curse which originated from the demon attack that occurred yesterday, is currently running rampant in Polyesta Federation and Republic of Gonzo. According to the information, the number of victims is slightly over『100,000 people』…」

Tenshi-sama uttered an unbelievable piece of information.

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「100,000 people…!?」

「Yes. According to the doctor, they only have a few more days left…」

「N-No way…」

It seems that things are much more serious than I imagined.

「Allen-sama, please… Would you let us study your darkness to discover a cure for the curse?」Tenshi-sama said, requesting earnestly with a serious expression.

「I understand the situation. If that’s the case, of course I don’t mind. I will help as much as I can.」

If this power can save the lives of so many people, I couldn’t be happier.

I want them to study it to their heart’s content and somehow find a way to treat the curse.

「Thank you very much! I knew for sure that’s what Allen-sama would say…!」Tenshi-sama said, and held my hand tightly.