What most profitable online ah

What most profitable online ah

This was huge news!

There is such a mysterious weapon hidden in the game?! I’ll open a new folder and try dying in the first round! Qiao Liang recalled the entire journey leading up to finding this weapon and could not help but feel emotional. The weapon was too well-hidden. It was as if the designer had hidden it on purpose, so that gamers would not be able to find it!

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“Rather than wasting time thinking about useless stuff, the pressing matter is how I should spend this amount of money...”

Standing on the rooftop of the dormitory, Pei Qian felt the full blast of the autumn breeze as he contemplated on his strategy ahead.

“It’s too slow if I just buy all the resources required for a game!”

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“What are the main operating expenses of a company? Rent, electricity, office equipment and employee salary...”

“If I were to add up all of those, wouldn’t my monthly expenses skyrocket?”

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“Yes... that’s the way. Let me see.”

Pei Qian took out his phone’s calculator and tabulated quickly.

“Earning 500,000 in the first week... that figure’s going to increase next month. Based on the estimated gross of 5,000,000, the net profit should be around 2,500,000 monthly...”

“Even though that figure would definitely drop in the next two months, it’s not going to be an instantaneous dip.”

“The next settlement is three months later.”

“Using a conservative estimate, the net profit would definitely hit 6,000,000 or so...”

“F*ck! What have I done!”