Online live broadcast of money platform

Online live broadcast of money platform

Thus, he had to wait patiently!

Once the golden periods were over, Pei Qian could be sure that the more capable talents would have found jobs. Then, he could recruit the leftovers in the market, who would probably be less able.

TPDb had been tasked with creating the recruitment website because it could be called ‘Tengda Recruitment Network’ or ‘Tengda Talent Database’ and could attach itself to TPDb’s website.

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Pei Qian began to look through the questions.

The questions had broadly been split into three separate parts: the written basic skills test, which was to be held in the morning; the written specialized knowledge test, which was to be held in the afternoon, and the interview.

The questions for the basic skills test had been set by the HR department. Pei Qian flipped through them and found that all the questions were similar to the ones found in government officials’ recruitment tests. It tested knowledge from all over the place. One probably had to be extremely talented to score highly even without studying beforehand.

The questions for the specialized knowledge test had been set by the various departments. For instance, the games department had set questions on foundational knowledge of the game industry, questions on definitions of certain technical terms, short-structured questions on game systems, and a hypothetical game synopsis.

The interview questions were more open-ended as well, but they were more closely related to the various roles.

After reading these questions, Pei Qian fell into deep thought.

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All of a sudden, he realized that his thinking had been too simple. He forgot to think about one very important thing, and that was… exactly how difficult the questions had to be.

At the moment, the questions’ difficulty was considered below-average compared to tests that aspiring government officials had to go through. That was to be expected. After all, to the employees in the HR department, Tengda’s recruitment was corporate. Naturally, they placed a higher emphasis on the applicants’ practical skills and abilities.

That was why the interview was given a higher weightage compared to the other two tests.

Industry experts in their thirties or forties could have in-depth knowledge about the profession and yet do very badly at the basic skills test. Wouldn’t the experts be put in a very difficult position, then?

Thus, the HR department had lowered the difficulty of the basic skills test on purpose.

That way, they could guarantee that the shortlisted applicants would be stronger and better-performing in terms of practical work abilities.