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Zhang Zuting did not have too many expectations for his trip to Jingzhou this time.

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After all, how big could a games company in Jingzhou be?

Filming the advertisement would probably just be a formality this time, too.

“Mr. Zhang, please get onto the car. Our Boss Pei has already prepared a feast to welcome

Lin Wan smiled and said this as she stood by the business car.

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At Ming Yun Private Kitchen…

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As he stepped out of the car, Zhang Zuting looked confused.

What is the meaning of this? Where is this

In front of him was a regular-looking villa. Although Zhang Zuting noted that the villa was huge and very extravagantly renovated, he also knew that such villas were a common sight in this place. Nothing was surprising about the boss of a game company being able to afford a house like that.

However, the question was why Boss Pei was hosting him here?

Was Boss Pei inviting Zhang Zuting to his own house?

Zhang Zuting still had a lot of questions in his head when Lin Wan led him into a private room with the best view. The private room was on the third floor of the villa. It had a huge full-length window, through which he could enjoy the sunset.