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Min Jingchao frowned slightly. “However, it’s good to get someone else to do the dirty work. What if IOI burns us out? What if their market share rises and enters a virtuous cycle?”

Ye Zhizhou said, “There is indeed such a possibility. However, Boss Pei must think that IOI would not be able to burn us seeing how confident he was.”

“Boss Pei said that no matter how much they burn, we will follow but ‘give way’.”

“This ‘giving way’ will not put us at a disadvantage. It will also entice Finger Games to continue burning money to help us eliminate our other competitors while expanding their market share and it will also consume the funds of Dayak Corporation and Finger Games.”

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“The ‘giving way’ that Boss Pei said is not for the enemy to advance while we retreat. Instead, it’s to give them respect for helping us snatch market share. However, if you want to challenge me if you dare, let’s see who will last longer!”

Min Jingchao suddenly understood. “Indeed, that should be what Boss Pei meant! We should hold back and play with Finger Games, burn money with them to get rid of the other competitors. When the time is ripe, we can give Finger Games a fatal blow!”

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Both of them felt much more at ease.

What was there to worry about since Boss Pei had already planned everything out with full confidence? He felt that he would definitely win even if he reserved thirty percent of his strength!

At the same time, in Zhongdian Chinese Network’s inspiration class.

Cui Geng looked at the time. There were still two hours to go.

A week passed in the blink of an eye. Tomorrow was the weekend again.

He left the film area of the inspiration class and went to the work area to find an empty workstation to continue writing the plot of ‘Successor’.

Of eight working hours a day, six hours were spent watching various movies, novels, and comics to gather material. Only two hours could be used for creative writing. That was the rigid rule of the ‘inspiration class’.

At first, Cui Geng felt that two hours was too short. He was not used to it.

The timing was exactly the opposite when he was writing web novels after all. He would spend two hours at most collecting materials and spend the rest of his time writing.

On the other hand, Cui Geng felt like he was not used to the fact that he had only two hours to write. He felt as though the time had gone by before it even started.