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"Hell if I care, shit......ahh".

"What's with that 'ahh' just now?".

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"No way that was nothing. Where's the salt you had in your hands!?".

"I added it all".

Apparently, quite a bit of salt got added to the miso soup that Ishizaki was in charge of.

Keisei panickedly put out the fire and checked the taste. And then he coughed.

"You put too much in it, ugh! It's not drinkable.......".

If you gave that miso soup to the senior students, you'd get bashed severely for it.

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In the first place, it's bad for your body.

"Nothing for it but to make it again".

"Don't fuck around. If we're making it again, then you start over from scratch. I mean, what about Kouenji?".

"Hell if I know".

"You're in the same damn class".

While glancing at the two of them quarreling over miso soup, Hashimoto skillfully handled a frying pan on top of the stove while cooking up an omelette.

"You're quite the dexterous one......".

"It's because I always cook my own meals".

Hashimoto said so without a hint of pride and briskly continued cooking.