Online Money Project FFDE5578

Online Money Project FFDE5578

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There was no way to connect the phone to the student for a simple mobile payment.

This meant that it would be possible to use another phone to participate. Regardless of how much of a problem that was in and of itself, it was certainly a departure from the original intent of the game, which was to participate by following the rules. However, by forcing the user to fill out a list that includes identification at the time of payment, the phone could be tied to the user. Even if I got paid with someone else’s phone, they’d be able to spot the rule violation at the last check, and even if I sent the owner of the phone, they wouldn’t be recognized because their name wouldn’t be on the list. It was also possible that people who didn’t pay for the event could secretly download the app.

(Note: In the raw, the last sentence of this paragraph is randomly two lines down instead which didn’t make any sense to me, so I switched it around a bit)

The student council and the teachers worked together to set up a special long desk at the entrance. There, we would pay the fee with our phones and write our name by year group before leaving the room. Those who finished installing the app would leave this place first.

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In the midst of the chaos, I got in line and eventually found my way in front of Horikita at the reception desk.

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“Put your name here. Then I will collect the 10,000 points.”

She spoke to me in a clerical manner, and I entered my name on the list. I then put my phone on the payment terminal and paid 10,000 points. With that I had officially joined the treasure hunt game.

“Next person.”

I didn’t have anything special to talk about with Horikita, so I just went with the flow and left the room.

Now then, the sudden treasure hunt game had begun and would last until the evening.

There were a few rules that we needed to follow, but they were basically only about violations. All that was left was to hope for good luck and participate…

The area around the starting point was crowded because it was within the range of where the QR codes were posted.

Like locusts devouring a crop, the search was progressing at an alarming rate. If I were to try and join now, there’d be no space for me to throw myself into. Similarly, some students saw the swarm of locusts and started to change the location for their search.

What’s more, there were many students using their phones to keep in touch. They were probably looking for a QR code while simultaneously recruiting a partner to pair up with. They could also just split into two groups since you could form a pair on the app without meeting in person.

“Hey, Mori-san, why don’t we take a look from up top?”

Coming out of the hall late, Kei walked out with a classmate, Mori Nene, looking friendly. It seemed Kei grabbed a classmate early and made a pair.

I was on my own, of course, so I decided to go down to the lowest level for now. If I went upstairs like Kei did, we would be sharing the same space after all.