Hebei online earning ideas

Hebei online earning ideas

However, that did not matter. He could just install it again.

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At that time, the game sizes were only tens of megabytes. Given Qiao Liang’s internet speed, he would be done in a few seconds.

After opening the “classic domestically-produced games collection”, he realized that there seemed to be more games in it, including the “Black Ink and Clouds” that had been officially released a while ago.

The priority of Mission and Choice was directly transferred to the end of the compilation. It had to be flipped many times before it could be reached.

“Did the official platform think that this game was very embarrassing, so they placed it in last place?”

“That’s not right either. If you feel embarrassed, why don’t you just delete it from the compilation?”

“Something’s not right. There’s an update?”

“Holy sh*t, dozens of gigabytes?”

Qiao Liang was stunned. He could not believe his eyes.

The original ‘Mission and Choice’ was a rubbish game from more than ten years ago. Its size was only dozens of megabytes.

However, Qiao Liang was shocked to discover that Mission and Choice had been updated. The capacity of the update package was about the same as the original number. The original unit was megabytes, but now it was gigabytes!

That was a thousand times more than the capacity of many AAA games!

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Qiao Liang looked at the download speed. The download and installation time should take almost an hour.

“What’s happening?”

“Gasp... Could it be...”

A terrifying guess appeared in Qiao Liang’s mind when he connected it to the discussions online.

Previously, some people had guessed that since Tengda had produced a film called Mission and Choice, why would they not produce a game called Mission and Choice? As a game developer, Tengda would definitely produce one!