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The Cold Faced Lady brand was also continuously developing. The management model and taste of the restaurant were also continuously improving. Even if these investors had been here before, they could see obvious improvements now.

Meng Chang was burning more money after all. It wouldn’t make sense if the shop remained the same.

Tang Yishu, who was sitting in a corner, sipped her roasted cold noodles as she pricked up her ears to listen to the contents of their discussion.

However, Meng Chang did not speak very loudly. Tang Yishu could only listen intermittently even if she concentrated. She could not help but feel anxious.

How was she going to report to her senior if she could not tell anything from her visit to the Cold-Faced Lady?

Meng Chang began to enthusiastically introduce the shop to the investors.

“The decoration style of our shop has been slightly adjusted. There are some new embellishments, mainly to create an atmosphere that combines tradition and modernity. Everyone, look, this is an element of traditional Chinese style. There are also posters with a bit of artistic aura. These are all part of the cultural heritage of the brand Cold Faced Lady.”

“With a mix of different styles, customers’ dining environment would be unique. These styles would become material for customers to happily share on Weibo or social circles. That would make customers become our free promoters.”

“These details are also reflected in all aspects. For example, our dining tables and chairs were specially custom-made by factories. They are also fashioned in between new trends and nostalgic old fashion. Moreover, they are both beautiful and practical so in theory, there shouldn’t be any problems for about 10 years...”

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Meng Chang was casually playing with the swivel chair as he introduced. However, he suddenly heard a soft creak as the swivel chair was stuck.

Meng Chang: “?”

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He thought that he had made a wrong turn. He tried to turn it back, but it was indeed stuck!

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The atmosphere was extremely awkward.

Meng Chang was puzzled. What was happening?

He was not lying. These tables and chairs were indeed custom-made that were made with top quality materials. In theory, they should be good to be used for a few years.

However, something went wrong!

It wasn’t a big problem, but the axis of the dining chair was stuck for some unknown reason and couldn’t continue spinning. However, the feeling of being slapped in the face still made Meng Chang feel very awkward.

The investors gave him face and did not say anything but Meng Chang knew that these investors would definitely have some thoughts in their hearts. The accumulation of these minor flaws would affect the evaluation of the Cold-Faced Lady in the hearts of the investors. The investment agreement terms that he could obtain would be even harsher.

However, Meng Chang had a strong mental fortitude after all. This little episode was not enough to make him panic. He smiled and said, “It looks like there are still some minor problems with the quality control of this furniture factory. It’s just as well. The problem can be corrected as soon as it’s exposed. That might not be a bad thing.”