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How to make money on calligraphy online

In other words, other players did not even need to play The Lonely Desert Road to find out the code.

However, knowing the code was only the start of the solution.

At Shang Yang Games...

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Lin Family, Ye Zhizhou, and Wang Xiaobin read various forums and Weibo in order to track the gamers’ reactions. There were many more gamers who were unhappy than they had imagined

There were many comments like ‘are they sick in the head to not allow people to purchase the game with money’ or ‘you’re acting like a big-shot, and I won’t have it’.

Still, there were even more gamers who had become intrigued.

A few hours had passed since they released the game. Until now, gamers had already found the code that Boss Pei had placed in The Lonely Desert Road. However, work obviously still had to be done on the string of letters before they would be able to find the real message.

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Ye Zhizhou was working on the clue as well. He had written many symbols in his notebook, and his monitor displayed a search engine. Still, he could not find any useful information.

“I don’t know how Boss Pei came up with an advertising method like that. He’s really a genius! However... it might have been a better idea to release the question a month before we released the game.

“The game’s already on the shelf now, but nobody can buy it. Of course, gamers would get angry. “I wonder if there’s a deeper meaning behind this move.”

After some thought, Wang Xiaobin said, “Hasn’t Boss Pei always been this willful? He already tried to turn gamers away repeatedly when we were working on Repent and be Saved. This may be a unique method of doing business.

“He’s intentionally using reverse psychology on gamers, so that they would try to solve the riddle more enthusiastically.”

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Lin Wan nodded. “Yes, I think that’s highly likely!

“Many gamers have already started playing Tengda’s older games to solve this riddle. I think Repent and be Saved and Game Designer have seen an increase in sales volume during this period.

“It’s a pity that it would only be a short-term boost. People like Teacher Qiao, who understand Boss Pei extremely well, could locate the clue in just a few hours.

“If we had hidden the clue more deeply, perhaps the other games would have seen a boost in sales volume, too.”

Ye Zhizhou rubbed his temples. “I don’t think Boss Pei wanted to hide the clue that deep. “The word ‘journey’ already hinted at The Lonely Desert Road. People only had to drive for three hours to find the first letter.

“I don’t think Boss Pei wanted to torture gamers for too long...