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Rodis-san said that line at the end, and smiled ever so slightly.

After leaving Rodis-san’s mansion, we returned to the student council room.


The air in the room was heavier than ever. The sound of the second hand of the clock was awfully loud.

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In the midst of that atmosphere,


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「This is too much, though…」

The faint whispers of Lilim-senpai and Ferris-senpai echoed in the student council room.

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The three of them, including the president, did not meet for the first time at Thousand Blade Academy, it seems.

They seem to have been friends since childhood; the so-called childhood friends.

The length of time they’ve known each other weighed heavy in their hearts.

We surely can’t understand their pain.

(Damn, what are we supposed to do?)

I want to save the president, too.

I absolutely won’t accept not being able to see her ever again, without even saying goodbye.