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With Komiya and Kinosh*ta’s retirement all but guaranteed at this point, Shinohara would be left to fend for herself.

For her, surviving on her own for the next day or two must seem impossible, let alone the next week and a half.

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“I can’t… I-I can’t go on like this…! There’s no way I can do this alone…!”

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Ike watched as Shinohara fell to her knees, unable to find the right words to comfort her.

He simply stood there, stuck in a perpetual state of uncertainty about what to do next.

I wasn’t the only one who took notice of this either.

Komiya, moments away from being carried off on a stretcher by the medical personnel, had as well.

“Ike… come here real quick.”

“W-what is it?”

Komiya suddenly called out to Ike, motioning for him to come within arm’s reach.

And then, caring not for strain on his injured body, he lurched out, wrapped his arm around Ike’s neck, and pulled him in close.

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“Show me how much of a man you are.”

After those few short words, Komiya laid back down, practically collapsing onto the stretcher.

Komiya had planned on confessing to Shinohara during this very exam.

But it didn’t seem like he had done so yet.

Perhaps, on the contrary, Shinohara had consulted him about Ike before he ever had the chance to make his feelings known.

If so, then Komiya would be aware of just how much Shinohara cared for Ike.