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Aguri’s eyes are full of tears…Then, she dashed away from us towards the main street!


“Why does this scream sounds so familiar to me!”

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I commented as I chased after- all of us.

For some reason, even Tendou and Hoshinomori caught up with me as we’re running towards her. They seem to have realized they’re responsible as well. The two screamed at Aguri off the distance at the top of their lungs.

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“Aguri-san! This is fine! To me, Uehara-kun is basically Amano-kun’s bootlicker!”

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“Yes! The time where I was honoured to be liked my Uehara-kun is already over!”

“Thanks for smoothing things over! But why I’m feel hurt just then!”

“Cheater please just shut up!”

“Uwahhh! Even the girls that he’s cheating with admitted that he’s a stinking cheater!”

This unexplainable situation is basically hell! Aguri sped out quickly with her mysterious bewailing as she gradually disappeared on the streets. By the way, she’s faster than a light motorcycle now. Crap, Aguri’s back is getting smaller and smaller.

So, just as we’re about to lose Aguri, Tendou, who’s ahead of Hoshinomori and me pointed forward.

“Aguri-san seemed to have entered the arcade.”

“Oh, thanks, Tendou. We should get to her quickly…I wanted to say that, but Hoshinomori seemed to have reached her limit.”