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Live broadcast of money online

-This marks the ordinary start of this important day.

After saying goodbye to Manager Cui, Pei Qian left Ming Yun Villas, feeling confused. He walked in the direction of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe.

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After suffering blow after blow, he felt lost. Now, all he wanted to do was sit in Fish-Catching Internet Cafe and have a cocktail. He wanted the quiet and peaceful environment in the internet cafe to calm him down.

As he walked, he began to sense that something was amiss.

It was already night. Why were there still so many people on the path?

Ming Yun Villas had very low traffic. Even on Sundays, there were normally very few people on the roads.

Yet, there seemed to be many people today!

People were walking in pairs and trios, and most of them looked like students, although a few looked like working adults. There also seemed to be more cars parked along the side of the road!

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When he looked at the shops on either side, Pei Qian began to feel like he had been cut off from the world for a long time.

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When did these shops open here?!

A while ago, only Fish-Catching Internet Cafe existed along the entire pathway. The other shops were either cold and deserted or closed down altogether.

Pei Qian even intended to set up an Upwind Courier station here; there were so many suitable locations that he was at a loss.

Among all the available options, he could pick the biggest one in the best location. That was because nobody wanted these shops at that time. Every shop was empty and available. Yet, now, even shops in the less ideal spots had been taken!

What’s more, there were all kinds of shops here!

There were bars, board game cafes, and the like. The ones which Boss Li had opened looked lively.

He could hear music from the entrance of one bar in particular. So many young people were trying to squeeze their way into the bar that Pei Qian could almost feel the heat from their bodies.

Many other shops were selling snacks that were popular online, including Dirty Buns, Remicones, Mini Pork Floss Cakes, and Durian Layered Cakes. In fact, they seemed to be doing well.

There were also shops selling traditional food and drinks, such as pan-fried buns and dumplings, soya bean, and dough fritters.