Basic knowledge of online

Basic knowledge of online

“Is it ok for me to be happy about this?”

“Of course. Oh, but you were also pretty high on the gloominess rankings too.”

“Let’s see…”

I looked at the phone. There were several lists of countless boys.

There was also a disturbing ranking titled, “Ranking of boys who should die”. Let’s say I didn’t see that.

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“Are you not happy? You’re ranked fifth.”

“It would be different if I cared about being popular, but I don’t really feel anything.”

In fact, I don’t remember ever having gotten a letter with a heart seal on it from a girl.

“Are a lot of people participating?”

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“Yea. There are a lot of people who participate, but I don’t know the total vote tally. The people who comment are also anonymous~”

In other words, it’s not very reliable.

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“Anyway, I think you’re at a disadvantage. I think you’re definitely someone worthy of being an ikemen, but you don’t stand out like Hirata-kun. You’re not particularly smart, athletic, or well spoken, so you’re missing something, you know?”

“That, that killed me…”

That’s just saying that I have nothing appealing about me…

“S-sorry. I probably should’ve held back.”

Kushida reflected on her harsh words.

“Um, during middle school, did you have a girlfriend?”