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「Well, even if you say that…」

That power has a limited duration and she doesn’t have complete control yet.

Taking Rose’s body condition into consideration, it is pretty obvious that it would be better for her to rest here.

「–Yoshi, that’s fine.」

Leia-sensei readily accepted Rose’s request.


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「At present, we can’t use No.18 who was issued to border security. So it’s better to have a little more fighting power. And with Rose’s strengthening-type soul dress, a few injuries won’t be a problem.」

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If sensei, who is much more familiar with soul dress, says so, I have no choice but to agree.

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「…Rose, please don’t overdo it, alright?」

「Thank you, Allen.」

And when we finally agreed on it,

「Then, let’s leave for Drestia! I’ll arrange for fast horses, so you guys go wait in the schoolyard!」

Sensei quickly rushed out of the director’s office.


Then we were pulled to Dresstia by the Director’s personal fast horses.